Priomat® 1K Wash Primer 4085

Priomat®1K Wash Primer 4085 is a zinc chromatefree one-pack product from our "PVB-System". It can be used as a primer under Permacron®/Permasolid®2K surfacers. It is also suitable for quick passenger car refinishes and can be applied either wet-on-wet or with intermediate sanding. Thanks to its good adhesion, superior corrosion protection and high filling power, this primer surfacer is easy to apply and makes for reliable results.
Being pale in color, it lends itself to recoating with any top coat.


PRIOMAT® Elastic Primer 3304

Priomat® Elastic Primer 3304 is a universal one component adhesion promoter for all normal plastic parts on vehicles. Priomat® Elastic Primer 3304 is also available in spray tins



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